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RM of BTS assures fans that the group will return from their “vacation” in 2025

By | Published on Wednesday 16 August 2023

BTS member RM has assured fans that everything is on track for the group to reunite in 2025, once they’ve all got solo projects and military service out of the way.

Speaking during a WeVerse livestream, he added that the hiatus was “just like a vacation”, and that each member working away from the group was “a very important journey” in order for them to come back stronger.

“What I’m thinking these days, when I’m doing my solo projects, is [that] this is just like a vacation to get back to where I was, which was BTS and Army”.

Army as in the BTS fanbase, of course, not the actual army. Even though the actual army is currently keeping some BTS members away from the Army. Though he didn’t really talk about the mandatory military service the he and all his bandmates are obliged to complete, instead focusing on the solo work of each member.

On that, he said: “All the solo [activity] is just a journey. But it is a very important journey for chapter two [of BTS]. It’s a journey to get back home safe”.

He told fans that the solo projects should therefore act as a reminder that “spring will come again”, adding: “Please continue to keep BTS alive in your hearts, in this moment and perhaps throughout your entire life”.

Perhaps your entire life. But at least until 2025.