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Rob Clark departs Virgin Records

By | Published on Monday 10 September 2012

Virgin Records

And talking of major label executive manoeuvres being announced via artist Twitter feeds, Professor Green seemingly confirmed last week that Rob Clark had departed EMI’s Virgin Records division, where he has been Senior Promotions Manager since 2007, having originally worked in the major’s college promotions unit since 2000.

Music Week noted that Green tweeted on Thursday: “[I] can’t believe the hero that is Rob Clark is leaving Virgin as well!? Another in a long list that I’ve loved working with who’s jumping ship”.

All of which means that, as we would have expected, Clark was not in Green’s mind when he ranted about the EMI team working on his recent releases last month, during which he asked: “Why would your own record label hinder you? Answers on a postcard. I just can’t help but question why some people have jobs. All I do is work, so I get extremely pissed off when people don’t do theirs. Dignified silence is pointless”.

Of course this will be another tense week for EMI Music staffers, especially in London, with Universal expected to sell much of the major’s UK operations to get European Commission approval for its bid to buy the EMI record company, potentially resulting in months more insecurity for the people working there.