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Rob Zombie back on the Babymetal campaign trail

By | Published on Tuesday 17 May 2016


Rob Zombie is continuing his campaign to turn all remaining doubters into Babymetal fans. This follows a series of snippy comebacks to fans who protested him posing for a picture with the J-pop/metal crossover group on Facebook last week.

Speaking to Minnesota radio station 93X at the Northern Invasion festival at the weekend, Zombie said: “I saw [Babymetal] the other day for the first time. I mean, I’d seen videos and stuff, but I saw them live for the first time the other day, and I just loved it; it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I mean, it was just like… leave it to the Japanese to find a way to make fucking death metal cute”.

Before anyone could protest him calling Babymetal death metal, he continued: “It was awesome. And the crowd… The crowd was going fucking apeshit. The amount of crowdsurfing and stage diving and just complete mayhem, which made it even funnier, cos it’s three cute little girls doing fucking karate on stage and shit, and these guys [that are backing them] are dressed like ghosts, all in white. It’s the most bizarre fucking thing. It’s totally worth watching; it’s so good”.

Yeah, let’s all watch the video for ‘The One’ again, and then, if you really, really must, you can try to pretend it doesn’t look like the greatest live show ever created: