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Robbie defends his Rudebox, threatens a second instalment

By | Published on Wednesday 20 March 2013


Robbie Williams loved his album ‘Rudebox’ whatever you or your mate or your mother or your music critic of choice might had thought of the occasional Take Thater’s divisive and less-successful-than-normal 2006 long player. Well, except for track six. And track ten. And track thirteen. And track sixteen. But all of the rest still gets the Robbie seal of approval. And if I remember rightly, there were 408 tracks on that record, so that’s pretty good going.

Writing in a recent blog post (in ALL UPPERCASE, so I wouldn’t bother going to read the actual blog myself), Williams said: “I love ‘Rudebox’, by the way, and plans are afoot to make another one. It’ll be ages yet, but I think it’s time to do the second instalment. In many ways, ‘Rudebox’ is my favourite album of mine. But also it’s the album I would take the most tracks off too. ‘Louise’ wasn’t a very good cover, ‘Kiss Me’ can go too. That version of ‘Summertime’ wasn’t the best and ‘Keep On’ can be dropped. The rest I stand by with a big middle finger going, ‘No, fuck you'”.

He continued: “I know I’ve said in concert about some of my songs not being the best. It’s panto. For the record I fucking love ‘Bodies’ and I love [title track] ‘Rudebox’. If it wasn’t for the perception, it would be first on my setlist. It’s so much fun for me to perform. So would ‘The 90s’ and ‘The 80s’. After this [year’s] stadium tour I’m going to move back to arenas. I loved The O2 last year, and I think I could fanny about my with my choice of tunes [more] in arenas”.