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Robert Smith says he’s working on an album of “just noise”, as he guests on new Chvrches single

By | Published on Thursday 3 June 2021

Chvrches & Robert Smith

Robert Smith has been working on an album of “just noise”. Although, you may be pleased to learn, that won’t be one of the two albums The Cure are planning to release in the near future. So that’s three albums in the works then. And he’s also found time to guest on the new single from Chvrches.

“I’ve always wanted to do an hour’s worth of noise”, he told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 yesterday. However, he conceded, releasing such a work as your first album in more than a decade might not be wise. Or at least that was what his bandmates reckoned.

“You wait ten years and then we bring out an album that’s just noise… so it was just like, ‘no’… That was me doing the rest of the band. That ‘no’ was a band no. So I’ve been just having fun with that really”.

See? No one wants an hour of noise from The Cure. Apparently. I think that sounds like a good idea myself. It’s a big fat “yes” from me. So, that’s one vote. But whatever, the band have been working on more conventional new music too, with two albums now close to completion.

Smith told Lowe that there will be an update on the release of both of them in “about six weeks”, with mixing the only thing left to do. He added of the two records that “one of them’s very, very doom and gloom, and the other one isn’t”.

Yeah, yeah, whatever, we’re not even here to talk about The Cure. Strike all of the above from your memory. Yes, even the album of noise. Robert Smith is on the new single by Chvrches, ‘How Not To Drown’, that’s the real news story today.

The band’s Martin Doherty told Lowe: “I wouldn’t be in a band if it wasn’t for [The Cure’s] ‘Disintegration’ and Pornography’ [albums]. So when Robert got back to us and said that he was interested in collaborating … we never truly thought that it would come to fruition. After it had gone quiet for a little while, we get this demo of the blue – on Halloween, no less – from Robert. With him singing. And it was everything that we hoped it would be and more”.

Along with the new single, Chvrches have also announced that they will release new album ‘Screen Violence’ on 27 Aug. Listen to ‘How Not To Drown’ here: