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Playlist: Editors

By | Published on Saturday 23 January 2010

Since forming in 2002, Editors have had top ten singles, a number one album, and nominations for the Mercury Prize and the BRITs. They released their third album, ‘In This Light And On This Evening’ last year, with the latest single to be taken from it, ‘You Don’t Know Love’, released on Monday. Ahead of that, we got bassist and chief compilation maker for the band Russ Leetch to put together a playlist of ten tracks he loves.

Says Russell: “I really like getting to make playlists. We always have mix CDs with us on tour, compiled by myself. We play them in between support bands and before we go on. Then after the show we play the audience out with a tune – last time it was Suicide’s ‘Dream Baby Dream’, which worked well. This is pretty close to what I have been listening to on Spotify recently. Shame the new Spoon album is not up yet, it has some top songs, otherwise they would have been included. Enjoy”.

Click here to listen to Russ’s playlist in Spotify, and then read on to find out more about his selections.

01 James Blackshaw – Cross
There is a fantastic record store in the Birmingham suburb of Kings Heath called Polar Bear. It is the best independent record store in the city and possibly the whole UK. The staff there are always pointing something excellent and different out to eager music fans. They pointed me to this last time I was in there, and it’s not something I would initially go for, twelve string guitar playing, but it is heavy and really reels you in.

02 The Antlers – Two
James Blackshaw put me in the mood for this record. It is dark and sad, but has a beautiful essence. I love how they recorded the LP. Can’t wait to see them live as we are touring with them across the major cities in the US.

03 Bloc Party – She’s Hearing Voices

Bloc Party have definitely taken their fans on a journey. As they came out at a similar time to Editors, I always check to see what they are up to and always enjoy their material.

04 Yo La Tengo – Our Way To Fall

Great song, one band I’ve never got to see live and would really like to.

05 Mew – Repeaterbeater

This is definitely the best Mew record. I’ve been a fan for a number of years, and this one really gets the odd eccentricities and pop song thing bound together perfectly. Martin De Thurugh’s accompanying videos are pitch perfect.

06 Antony And The Johnsons – Another World

Buy this LP for the artwork alone. Glad someone like this exists in the music world.

07 The Feelies – Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness

I only got into this band this year on recommendations of the reissue of ‘Crazy Rhythms’. I think the intro of REM’s ‘Radio Free Europe’ must stem from this band. This is my favourite discovery, I think, ever. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of this record.

08 REM – Nightswimming

I remember making out with a girl in school whilst learning the piano to this. I thought about telling REM about this when we supported them, but eventually decided things like that should never be said to the song’s owners. Oh well, it’s on the internet now. Thanks Mike Mills, you sexual diva.

09 New Order – Your Silent Face

A group we consistently get told we impersonate. I listened to my iPod on shuffle for the first time on a plane back from Bangkok the other day. This came up after some other tracks and the line “Why don’t you piss off…” just rang true.

10 Mogwai – The Sun Smells Too Loud

Off the latest great LP from Mogwai. I saw them at Glastonbury 2003 in the sun on the Pyramid Stage. It was odd but definitely good, and before the stupid noise laws were introduced at lots of music festivals. Wish people would argue them more.