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Ryan Adams presents weather after begging local TV station in song

By | Published on Thursday 14 June 2018

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams has appeared as a guest weather presenter on a Denver TV station after writing a letter begging to do so. By ‘letter’, I mean song, and by ‘begging’, I mean begging.

Adams penned a new ode to Colorada TV station Denver7 – called ‘Denver7 (Piece Of Heaven)’ – earlier this month. “Can you let me do the weather one time?” he sings. “I’ll wear my Batman shirt and I’ll wear my flannel. Stand in front of that green screen and try to remember all the town’s I just seen”.

This all has quite a convoluted back story. Last month, seemingly out of the blue (although ahead of a show in Denver, Colorado tonight), Adams recorded a song for radio station The Colorado Sound.

“We were surprised, for sure”, the station’s Assistant Programme Director Margot Chobanian, told local paper Westword. “A mutual friend of Ryan’s and ours called and told us Ryan had this idea and would we be cool with it. We said yes, of course!”

With Westword now on Adams’ radar, the paper was next in line for a song, earlier this month receiving a reworked version of the ‘Westworld’ TV series theme tune.

Not wanting to be left out, Denver7 presenter Shannon Ogden tweeted Adams to point out that “lots of things rhyme with Denver7 and Shannon”.

Accepting the challenge, Adams delivered with a “smooth rap song”, in which he pays tribute to the station, rapping: “Colorado, you’re like a little piece of heaven. Watch the TV, turn on Denver7. Gotta get the updates, who saw a bear? Let me do the weather and I’ll see y’all up there”.

Towards the end, the real begging sets in, as he sings: “Please let me do the weather. Shannon, you got your wish, here is your song. Let me be the guest weather person, what could possibly go wrong? Shannon, you got your song, let me be your guest weather person, we’ll all get along”.

Last night he got his wish, presenting the 5pm weather forecast. Ahead of the meteorological update, he told the station that it was a lifelong dream to present such a broadcast, saying: “I think it’s partially because of the movie ‘Twister’ I got kind of into it”.

“This is exactly as weird as I thought it would be”, he said as he realised his dream. Watch Adams’ forecast for Denver here: