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Sainsbury’s relaunches download store

By | Published on Friday 22 January 2016


Sainsbury’s has relaunched its download store with a super duper new mobile-friendly design for fans of super duper new mobile-friendly download stores.

The service boasts a catalogue 20 million tracks and 2.5 million albums all available to purchase in “high quality MP3”. Let’s all party like it’s 2009, hey? But you know, the record industry is prone to give up on its formats way too quickly, so perhaps it’s good news that the supermarket chain is still doing what it can to make music downloads more attractive to its mainstream consumer base.

I haven’t even mentioned the Nectar points yet, have I? When Sainsbury’s first moved into MP3s, it offered downloaders Nectar points with the music they bought. But now you can bloody well use those Nectar points to buy your pop tunes in the first place. What a Gary Barlow kind of day this is.

And now here’s Sharon Nightingale, Head Of Commercial at Sainsbury’s Entertainment On Demand, who says: “Relaunching Sainsbury’s Entertainment Music is the culmination of a huge amount of work and we’re excited about offering customers a one stop shop for eBooks, magazines and now music”.