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Salt N Pepa rapper sues Uber

By | Published on Thursday 23 April 2020

Salt & Pepa

Pepa of Salt N Pepa – real name Sandra Denton – is suing Uber for damages in relation to a 2018 car crash. She argues that continuing medical issues as a result of the incident have affected her earnings as an artist.

According to the court filing, the crash happened on LA’s 101 freeway in 2018. She was travelling in a friend’s car when an Uber driver hit them from behind. After that initial collision, a number of other vehicles were caught up in the crash.

In the lawsuit, Denton says that the Uber driver involved in the crash “operated their vehicle negligently and carelessly” and breached “a duty to exercise reasonable care in the operation of their vehicle”.

Explaining the addition of Uber itself as a defendant, the filing says that the Uber driver “was acting within the course and scope of employment for defendant Uber Technologies Inc at the time of the incident”.

It adds that injuries sustained in the accident required medical treatment, and ongoing pain from said injuries has affected Denton’s ability to travel to and perform at shows. Denton is seeking financial reparation for “sustained serious injuries and damages, costs of past and future medical treatment of such injuries, pain, and suffering, and other consequential damages”.