Sarah Kennedy didn’t present her show drunk, OK?

By | Published on Wednesday 22 September 2010

Former Radio 2 early show host Sarah Kennedy has denied reports she sometimes presented her show while a little drunk. The drink rumours appeared alongside other speculation in the Daily Telegraph – linked to BBC insiders – that Kennedy was forced out of her daily show on the Beeb’s biggest radio station.

Responding, Kennedy told the paper: “I have never, never, never in my life gone into the BBC other than being stone cold sober. It wouldn’t even occur to me. I mean that from the bottom of my heart”. Admitting she may have slurred her words on occasion, she said that that would have been down to tiredness not alcohol.

Told about the rumours coming out of the Beeb, she continued: “I would give my two feet to know who’s got it in for me at the BBC. Is it Alan Dedicoat? I have known for an awfully long time that I have got an enemy at the BBC and I would love to know who it is”.

It was announced earlier this month that Kennedy would leave Radio 2’s pre-breakfast show after seventeen years presenting the programme.