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Saturdays’ Frankie never did rehab

By | Published on Thursday 8 December 2011

The Saturdays

The Saturdays’ Frankie Sandford has spoken out about the time she recently spent in a private clinic, dismissing tabloid rumours surrounding both the so-called ‘rehab’ stay and her subsequent break from performing with the group. As previously reported, the singer told fans via Twitter that she’d “not been very well” in October, and then a spokesperson confirmed to Digital Spy that Sandford was receiving treatment at a private clinic.

Speaking to The Sun this week, Sandford said: “I was hospitalised, it wasn’t rehab. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with rehab. It takes a lot of courage to enter facilities to try to beat any addiction or overcome issues, but mine is a medical condition. I will talk about it in detail one day soon, for the sake of my fans, as they want to know. But I will say it wasn’t alcohol, drugs or an eating disorder. And the dark days are now behind me”.

Which is good news. Let’s just hope poor old Frankie, while busy recuperating, hasn’t been paying too much attention to that cheeky Example chap, who’s been telling the Daily Record that The Saturdays just aren’t good enough to justify their place on the top floor of British pop (though, given that their new album recently entered the chart at 23 and then dropped out of the top 40 altogether, I’m not sure they’re quite at the top).

Asked about his Twitter dissing of the girl group earlier this year, Example said: “The problem I had with The Saturdays is that they could be better. They could have better songs and be marketed better. Girls Aloud were an exciting girl group. The Saturdays don’t offer anything. They seem like lovely girls but their management or record label are not good enough”.