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Saweetie single withdrawn after she complains her label put out the wrong version too early

By | Published on Friday 4 December 2020

Saweetie & Doja Cat

Saweetie briefly released a new collaboration with Doja Cat this morning, which might seem like cause for celebration. But the track has seemingly been withdrawn after the singer accused her label, Warner Records, of putting it out earlier than planned, and not in its finished form.

‘Best Friends’ went live on streaming and download services, only for Saweetie to tweet: “I am extremely disappointed in my label … for prematurely releasing a single I was so excited about. I feel disrespected. I’m hands on with ALL of my creative and had such a dope rollout for ‘Best Friends’. The thirst for clout and $ is real and it overrides the artists’ art”.

“The wrong version at that”, she then added, “Like WTF?”

She went on: “We put so much work into the visual and we shot for days for this super cinematic girl anthem. And for this to happen? Wow”.

Whether the release happened in error or Saweetie’s complaints were quickly taken on board is not clear, but the track has since been withdrawn from sale and the streaming platforms.

However, it was online for long enough to become available through illegitimate channels. And even with the record being speedily removed, it is unlikely that the planned rollout can go ahead as intended.

It’s common for artists to complain that early leaks of their new music ruins carefully prepared marketing plans. However, it’s not usually their labels doing the leaking. Warner has not yet commented.