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Script frontman thinks Jarvis Cocker is brilliant

By | Published on Thursday 24 February 2011

The Script

OK, that headline isn’t true at all, but we went with it anyway just to piss off The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue, who, it seems, has no time at all for the Pulp frontman.

He has attacked Jarvis Cocker for his decision to reform his former band (he seems to presume the rest of the band were not involved). The Script and Cocker’s reformed ensemble both appear on the bill at this year’s T In The Park, though it seems safe to assume O’Donoghue won’t be watching Pulp’s set.

O’Donoghue told The Daily Record: “I am not a big Pulp fan. Jarvis Cocky. I’m not into him at all. I don’t like his style. I don’t like his music. I won’t be steering clear of him, but he should be steering clear of me”.

He added that he was pretty sure the whole reunion is a cynical money-grab, saying: “I have watched his career. I’d like to think Pulp are coming out with a new album or that he wants to really do a job in the music industry, but I am sure they will release a single, do a tour, make their money and go home”.

As for his opinion of Jarvis Cocker personally, he added without irony: “The audacity of Jarvis Cocker to think he is important enough for people to give a damn what he thinks”.

Now, CMU is not usually a great place to go to find support for reunions, but for the frontman of The Script to complain about Pulp reforming when his band refuses to split up doesn’t seem right at all.