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Second Beady Eye coming sooner rather than later

By | Published on Thursday 21 April 2011

Beady Eye

Beady Eye aren’t going to hang around when it comes to recording their second album, the follow up to the recently released ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’.

Liam Gallagher told The Irish Times: “The other big difference [between Beady Eye and Oasis] is that we’re not going to put the ball down, sit around in a big house and go ‘we’re great’. We won’t be booking into the studio for months and months on end. We’re not going to be rolling over this album into the next year. There will be an awesome second album coming soon. We’re responsible for our every move. We’re on our own label. We do all our own artwork and videos. It’s not like, ‘oh, send that off to the visual arts person'”.

He continued: “What really did for Oasis was that we took our eye off the ball. We were too busy reaping the rewards of our success. I know now that money is not the precious thing when you’re in a band. It’s not the flash cars or the big houses – it’s the music that’s precious. Once you take your eye off that – which we did – it’s hard to get back. It got all ‘just put the private plane on the credit card’. We’re keeping a lid on things now. The band hasn’t made a penny yet but we know what’s important”.