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Sepultura deny reunion claims

By | Published on Wednesday 15 December 2010

The current members of Sepultura have denied claims made recently by founder and former frontman Max Cavalera that there is the possibility of a reunion of the band’s classic line-up.

Cavalera left the band in 1996, followed by his brother Igor in 2006, making bassist Paolo Jr the only remaining founder member. Current guitarist Andreas Kisser is, however, considered one of the group’s key members by the band’s fans. 

As previously reported, Cavalera recently told Sonic Excess: “I did call Andreas, and I had a real good talk with him. It sounded like he wanted to do it, and I had Igor onboard for the reunion. I think the only person preventing it is Paulo. I don’t know why, but I think Paulo is really against the reunion. People should ask him why he is so against it, because I think it would be a great think for the fans to see the original line-up”.

However, this week the band issued a video statement, in which Kisser told fans: “Don’t listen to rumours anymore. We’re tired of listening to the bullshit that Max is talking all over the world. There’s no communication. There’s no talks about any type of reunion with the Cavaleras. We’re Sepultura for 26 years and we’re celebrating it. I hope this is the end of the rumours and lies”.

Watch the video here: