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Sex couldn’t save the dinosaurs, says Emmy The Great

By | Published on Thursday 29 July 2010

Emmy The Great has revealed that a song on her new album tackles the tricky topic of dinosaur sex. Speaking to the NME, she explained that she’d tried to make the new album less personal than 2009 debut album, ‘First Love’, though with limited success.

She said: “After I wrote the last album, I felt terrible about having to sing songs about someone I knew so blatantly. So, I tried to write this record based entirely on imaginary situations. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up being imaginary in the end because most of the songs are about me. The first half of the album is about impending doom and the second half is about dealing with the aftermath”.

But how does dinosaur sex fit into all this? Emmy explains: “Someone just said [‘dinosaur sex’] out loud once and it made me laugh. The point of that song is, ‘What did it do?’ It did absolutely fuck all for them, did it?”

The new album is currently scheduled for release in February.