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Sex Pistols mint commemorative jubilee coin

By | Published on Tuesday 31 May 2022

Sex Pistols coin

Universal Music continues to rinse the Sex Pistols brand off the back of the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations and the new ‘Pistol’ TV drama. Now it’s a ‘God Save The Queen’ commemorative coin and some accompanying NFTs that you can get your hands on.

Minted at “the Sex Pistol’s prestigious Pistol Mint” – by which I assume they mean some novelty tat factory – the souvenir coin features the classic Union Jack design from original ‘God Save The Queen’ artwork creator Jamie Reid on the front and his depiction of the Queen with a safety pin through her lips on the back. And just to be extra punk, it comes in a cushioned sapphire velvet presentation box.

Should you decide that this is something worth spending £25 (plus P&P) on, you’ll also receive a free NFT along with your purchase. Once redeemed, a random jpeg featuring a digital representation of the coin will be selected and it will be noted forever on the blockchain that it’s yours.

These NFTs are being minted on the Palm network, which claims that it’s so eco-friendly that “each NFT has near zero carbon footprint”. Although, obviously, still a greater carbon footprint than not fucking bothering.

It’s one of a number of new Sex Pistols related projects. Out last week was new – and John Lydon denounced – Sex Pistols compilation ‘The Original Recordings’, which is at number six in the midweek albums chart. Meanwhile, the limited edition seven-inch vinyl reissue of ‘God Save The Queen’ is now set for release this Friday, coinciding with the Jubilee but putting it out the running for this week’s big old Jubilee chart.

Speaking of the Jubilee chart race, that’s so far not taking the country by storm at all. The Kunts’ single ‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce’ is currently sitting at number 36, while Sarah Brightman and Alfie Boe’s new recording of the national anthem is yet to crack the top 40. That could all change by Friday, of course. Although quite probably won’t.

Anyway, back to The Sex Pistols. Those coins will not actually be shipped out until 28 Jul, but you can pre-order them now until the end of June. The ‘Pistol’ TV series arrives on Disney+ today. Oh, and here’s a new version of the video for ‘God Save The Queen’, as spruced up by original director Julien Temple.