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Shamir announces new album, releases new single

By | Published on Friday 17 July 2020


Shamir has announced that he will release his seventh album in October – his first LP since, er, March.

Despite being his third album in eighteen months, this one, he reckons, is something of a breakthrough. “I felt like it didn’t need a name, cos it’s the record that’s most me”, he says.

Of course, they – by which I mean the powers that be – they make you pick names for these things, otherwise it plays havoc with the databases. So if you look this album up once it’s out, it’ll be called ‘Shamir’. Which means that, yes, that quote and this follow-on paragraph are a slightly long-winded way of saying, this will be an eponymously titled record.

Anyway, he’s just released a new single to go with the news of the album, called ‘I Wonder’. “The song is about the feeling of love taking over your heart, even when you don’t want it to”, he says. “It also alludes to climate change and how humans – ‘love’ – can be the most toxic thing to the planet – ‘the heart’ – but also the only thing that can fix it”.

The album is out on 2 Oct. Listen to ‘I Wonder’ here: