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Shania Twain has written songs for Post Malone, Lizzo and Janelle Monáe (now she just needs to tell them)

By | Published on Friday 29 November 2019

Shania Twain

Shania Twain has revealed that she has been writing songs for some of pop’s biggest stars. Which is news to them as much as you.

Appearing on ‘The Talk’ – America’s version of ‘Loose Women’ – Twain revealed that she has penned a duet for her and Post Malone to perform together. “I’ve written a song for us already”, she said. “He doesn’t know it yet. He knows now. So Post, I have a song for us”.

Scoring a collaboration with the rapper this way might seem like a longshot, but Post Malone is apparently a “super fan” of Twain. He has said in the past that he listens to her music before he goes on stage. In fact, here he is at the American Music Awards last week showing exactly how much of a fan he is during her performance at the show.

If that collaboration doesn’t work out for whatever reason, it’s alright, she has more ready to go. How about Shania Twain, Janelle Monáe and Lizzo all together on a track? That could happen. Though again, she hasn’t actually gone so far as to ask them.

“There is a really cool friendship starting between us, and after I met those ladies … I was very inspired after that”, she said. “I went home and I actually wrote a song for the three of us. It’s called ‘Sisters’. I think we are all sisters in what we do, and it was a really great, new friendship that we started. So I went home and wrote that song. They don’t know about it yet”.

It kind of makes you wonder how many other songs Twain has written for other artists that she’s never told them about. Diplo, maybe? No? But it turns out that it works both ways and he has a secret collaboration of his own.

Back at the AMAs, Twain was slightly randomly pulled into a red carpet interview with Diplo. When Entertainment Tonight’s presenter suggested that the producer do a remix of ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’, he replied: “I already did a remix, I play it every night. I have a remix of that song already”.

When Twain insisted that he let her hear it, he agreed adding, “We’ll do something new too”. So it sounds like we could have a lot of Shania Twain collaborations on the cards. So long as she remembers to actually speak to anyone about them.