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Shazam partners with Vadio to add video

By | Published on Friday 14 October 2016


Shazam has partnered with music video distribution platform Vadio to add new curated video channels to its audio identification software. So when you identify a piece of music, you’ll be able to watch a playlist of videos for other songs instead.

“We continually look for new ways to expand the way in which our users can discover music”, says Shazam’s Chief Revenue Officer Greg Glenday. “We want to give fans a great reason to spend more time with Shazam by giving them access to a rich and immersive music video experience. In turn, this creates new revenue opportunities for artists and, moreover, powerful ways of gaining exposure for brands”.

Vadio CEO Bryce Clemmer adds: “Shazam is the quintessential destination for music discovery with hundreds of millions of global users. Adding an immersive music video experience enables Shazam’s audience to engage with artists. By incorporating high quality video into Shazam, brands and artists can visually tell their stories to a global audience in ways not possible before on a major music destination”.

As previously reported, earlier this year Warner Music signed up to Vadio to distribute its video content.