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Single Review: Shy FX – Raver (Digital Soundboy)

By | Published on Friday 3 December 2010

Shy FX

Shy FX, aka Andre Williams, is possibly still to top his 1994 junglist anthem, his tie up with UK Apache, ‘Original Nuttah’. Could this be the track to do it? Maybe; he’s certainly back on top form.

‘Raver’ ropes in Danae’o, Kano and Roses Gabor on vocal duties, and to good effect. The original starts with a real Jamaican dance hall flavour before a hectic jump up to frisky beats and lively infectious vocals – “When I was a youth, I used to blow my horn like a raver”. It has a real old school feel to it, well, it does until it slightly oddly morphs into pastures steel pan, though even that is energetically and tastefully done.

Remixes wise, the highlight is the ‘Breakage’ remix. He adds a little Amen break in and uses just Gabor’s lyrics, it’s simple but crushingly effective. MJ Cole has again gone dubstep with his rework, taking it off the rails with a monstrously overly warped b-line. Shy also chips in with the ‘Guiness Punch’ version, which is just pure reggae, with no trace of d and b, while Benny Page makes it pacier, following more current fashions in drum n bass, with OK results.

I know MisterJam from Radio 1 has viscerally bought into this track, and I am getting there. This could just become Shy FX’s future calling card track. PV

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