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Sizzurp Round-Up: Danny Brown, Soulja Boy and Justin Bieber

By | Published on Thursday 1 May 2014

Danny Brown

So following the monsoon of sizzurp (aka cough syrup + fizzy pop in a plastic cup) of which some rappers – and non-rappers, like Justin Bieber – have sucked down in dangerous quantities for so long, now comes the drought, as Irish pharmaceutical firm Actavis announces it is no longer producing promethazine codeine, a vital part of any ‘lean’ concoction.

And also, accordingly, a time to look back on purple drank-dranking times past. Reactions have been mixed so far, varying wildly from weary resignation, to fond nostalgia, to Soulja Boy stacking and showing off his giant ‘lifestime’ cache of the codeine-based drug. LOOK AT THE CACHE.

On the ‘fond nostalgia’ side of the post-sizzurp camp, Justin ‘Sir Bizzle’ Bieber has likened (via his new track ‘We Were Born For This’) real “love” to “appreciation/mixed in a double cup of Sprite”. Selena will appreciate that, I bet.

But hey, kids, there’s always the sensible way, which is to pack in the lean permanently. Danny Brown did it because his habit meant he was drinking a lot of sugary soda, which meant he gained weight and became too big to fit in his Balmain jeans. And on a serious note, because it was fucking with his health and sanity.

Speaking to Tim Westwood, the Oprah of the rap game sipping addiction, Brown said: “I was getting too fat man, I gained like fifteen pounds! You can’t wear Rick Owens looking pregnant. You can’t have a Gucci Mane belly and wear high-end fashion”.

Going on to add that withdrawal from the ‘drank’ caused him pretty nasty symptoms (mainly chronic diarrhoea, whilst overdoing it apparently does the opposite), Danny got grave for a bit and gave this warning: “It’s liquid heroin, it’s a opiate. Everyone know what heroin do to people, it just does the exact same thing. It tastes amazing, you know what I’m saying, but once you get addicted to that taste man, it’s a brain thing, it’s like a mental thing, it’s stuck there. I haven’t drunk in a month and a couple weeks now, and there hasn’t been a day that go by where I don’t taste it in my mouth still”.

So I guess sizzurp is a bit like love, just like Justin said. Shit.