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Skullcandy announces headphones for women

By | Published on Wednesday 23 April 2014


WOMEN! Are you tired of being unable to listen to music on the move? Well, Skullcandy is here to help. The company has designed a new range of headphones specifically for lady ears.

This doesn’t just mean Skullcandy’s made some pink headphones with floral prints (though it has, if you were wondering). No. It’s also made these headphones smaller for ladies’ tiny heads, and used SCIENCE to tweak the sound that comes out of them for the fairer sex’s delicate eardrums.

Yes, you may have noticed a slight sarcastic tone there, but the company insists that this isn’t just another ‘Bic For Her’.

Skullcandy’s Director of Brand and Sports Marketing, Michelle Whitehead says: “The truth is there are real anatomical, acoustical, and behavioural differences in how male and female consumers experience our product. Our goal was to understand these differences well enough to design products, from the ground up, that would legitimately improve the audio experience for our female consumer. We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished”.

So there. You shouldn’t mock. One of the designs is black and has metal studs on too, so stop saying it’s all just pink with flowers on, would you? Instead, look at this video the company has prepared featuring some women claiming that they’ve actually heard and enjoyed music before, despite these headphones only just being invented:

The Skullcandy Women’s range will be available internationally from 1 Jun. And since I mentioned the Bic For Her range of pens just now, it seems only slightly tenuous to link to this interview Bridget Christie did with our sister title ThreeWeeks about her show ‘A Bic For Her’ at last year’s Edinburgh Festival.