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Slipknot stole debut album master tapes so they could mix it themselves, says Corey Taylor

By | Published on Monday 20 April 2015


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was asked last week to rank all of the band’s albums in order of quality. Top of his list was the band’s debut, the success of which – he said – was partly down to a decision made by some of his bandmates and producer Ross Robinson to steal the master tapes from the studio where they were being mixed.

“I don’t know if anyone’s ever told this story, but Clown, Joey and Ross Robinson broke into the studio where the master tapes were, because we weren’t liking the mixes we were getting”, he said. “They broke in, stole the tapes, and mixed it themselves! I had to go back to Iowa to go back to work, and I get a call from Clown: ‘By the way, we committed grand larceny, we just stole our own fucking album'”.

Explaining why this was necessary, he went on: “They sat down and mixed it because no one else understood it. When you’re the first, no one knows. There’s no track record for it. So we’d get these shitty fucking mixes that were either too thin, too bass-laden. People didn’t understand what this noise was. So we ended up mixing it ourselves, man”.

I’m not 100% sure what Slipknot were the ‘first’ of, but it’s a good-sounding album nonetheless. Read Taylor’s full take on Slipknot’s catalogue here.