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Snapchat partners with Pandora

By | Published on Friday 15 June 2018


Snapchat has announced a new platform for third party developers, called Snap Kit. Among various partners at launch – which also include Tinder and Patreon – it has made its official music streaming partner good old Pandora. You know, Pandora. Woo, Pandora!

Using Snapchat’s all new developer tools, Pandora will allow the snapchatting snapchatters of SnapchatVille to share songs through the social network, featuring album artwork on animated backgrounds (imagine!). Recipients will then be able to swipe up to listen to the track on Pandora, if that’s the sort of thing they want to do. And who wouldn’t? I mean, it all sounds so simple, doesn’t it? What a world we live in.

“This will be a powerful and comprehensive social integration with music”, says Pandora’s Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips. “The Snapchat product experience and user base are primed for sharing, and our collaboration will provide a creative and compelling way to discover and enjoy music in a way that’s intuitive to Snapchatters”.

Snapchat’s VP Product Jacob Andreou adds: “We’re always looking for more ways to bring Snapchat into the world and the world into Snapchat. With their vast music library, Pandora’s partnership with Snap Kit will help us make it easier and more fun for Snapchatters to share the music they love”.

Here’s to sharing music being fun again. At last! Of course, it’ll only be fun in the US, the one country where Pandora is available. For the rest of us, telling other people about music we love will continue to be a tedious, soulless and dismal experience. Like it’s meant to be.