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Snoop Dogg declares himself better looking than Gazza

By | Published on Friday 28 June 2019

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has taken the slightly confusing step of using Paul Gascoigne to highlight the benefits of smoking marijuana over drinking alcohol. The rapper posted to his Instagram account images of both himself and Gazza when they were respectively aged 20 and 47. Above the former footballer – who looked in a poor state in his 40s – was the label ‘alcohol abuse’, and alongside Snoop – looking fresh as a daisy in both pictures – ‘marijuana abuse’.

While each man’s heavy use of the drugs referenced is well known, the post does use techniques you’ll have seen in before and after pictures on dieting adverts many times before. For both men’s photos aged 20 the rapper has used professionally taken pics. The same is true for Snoop’s second photo. But for Gascoigne, the second shot is an unflattering paparazzi picture in which he’s seemingly unaware that a photo is even being taken.

Quite why Snoop would pick on Gazza has been questioned by many – some suggesting that his previous claims to be a Celtic fan might have made him aware of the former England player. Him supporting a Scottish club might have given him a distaste for anyone associated with the English national team. Although the actual answer is a bit more boring. The image is a meme that’s been doing the rounds for several months, which Snoop just grabbed to keep up the prolific post rate on his Instagram account.

Snoop actually turned 47 in October last year, while Gascoigne is currently 52. Though the second Gazza picture in the meme was indeed taken in 2014 when he was 47, and at a time when he was particularly struggling with alcoholism.

Snoop isn’t the only one with a well-stocked Instagram account though. These days, Gazza has cleaned up his act again and perfected the art of the selfie pout to give himself a more youthful look. For example here, here and (my personal favourite) here.

Actually, the rapper could learn a thing or two from Gazza’s recent selfie frenzy. Despite Snoop also taking many a selfie, rather than pouting, he just opts for looking a bit sad. He does always make sure he’s looking down at the camera though, which is expert stuff. Although he doesn’t always pull it off quite right.

Anyway, it doesn’t appear that Snoop has any direct beef with Gazza. Maybe this accidental association could lead them into a new business venture together offering photography tips. Although the potential for this meeting of minds seems unlikely now, as this morning Gascoigne responded on Twitter with a picture of a dog resembling Snoop, captioned with the message: “Morning @SnoopDogg, get your lazy arse out of bed, it’s walkies time. Woof woof, you ugly twat”.