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Snoop Dogg does line of headphones

By | Published on Tuesday 13 January 2009

Snoop Dogg has begun a new branch of merchandising, his own brand of headphones, produced in association with Skullcandy Inc.

Mr Dogg said in a statement: “The Snoop Dogg Skullcrusher is the hottest headphone comin’ to a hood near you. I’ve been a fan of their products for years and I decided it was time to break bread with them. Our headphones are fly, affordable, and most importantly – bangin’ like Niggaracci beats. Make sure to scoop a pair in Spring 2009 and be on the lookout for more Snoop Dogg/Skull Candy products, ya dig?!?”

Skullcandy boast that the headphones feature “shock-and-awe level of bass with 30mm neodymium magnetic speakers plus mini-sub woofers, allowing his listeners to take Snoop wherever they go”.