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Snoop Dogg planning to launch hotdog brand, Snoop Doggs

By | Published on Wednesday 12 January 2022

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is apparently planning to launch his own hotdog brand, Snoop Doggs. I know, what took him so long? Although, we should not forget that it’s now nearly six years since he declared that he would “never [eat] a motherfucking hotdog” again, after being forced to watch some being made by Jimmy Kimmel.

That said, perhaps it was his appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ in 2016 that prompted him to develop a his own range of floppy meat sticks. Or maybe he just forgot that all happened. Who knows? All we know is that he’s filed an ‘intent-to-use’ trademark for the Snoop Doggs name.

The application specifically covers “food including hot dogs, hot dog sausages, sausages, turkey sausages, vegetarian sausages; food for consumption on or off the premises including hot dogs, hot dog sausages, sausages, turkey sausages, vegetarian sausages”.

So that sounds like he might actually be launching some sort of sausage-based fast food restaurant. Again, we just don’t know. And, indeed, it may come to nothing anyway, like – according to Billboard – the Snoop Scoops ice cream brand the rapper trademarked in 2011. After all, maybe he’ll see how his own hotdogs are made and be reminded of his aversion to them. We just don’t know.

Snoop is, of course, not a newbie when it comes to launching brand extensions to capitalise on his fame. Among the businesses he has launched previously are a cigar branda range of cannabis products and his own gin. Plus, he’s advertised various other products in exchange for cash, including Hot Pocketsa food delivery appa price comparison website and an alcopop. Although that last one didn’t turn out so well.

He’s not the only rapper to get into the fast food business either. Last year Eminem launched a spaghetti takeaway in Detroit, and for a time Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav owned a chain of fried chicken restaurants.