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Snow Patrol announce wild new album

By | Published on Friday 9 March 2018

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol have announced that they will release their first album for seven years, ‘Wildness’, in May. This follows an extended break after scrapping what would have been their seventh album in 2012.

Since then, of course, the various members have focussed on various other projects, which included building up with Polar Patrol publishing company, frontman Gary Lightbody appearing in ‘Game Of Thrones’, and guitarist Johnny McDaid co-writing a whole load of Ed Sheeran songs.

Lightbody says of the album: “There are many types of wildness, but I think it can be distilled into two: the wildness of the modern age, all its confusion, illogic and alienation and a more ancient wildness. Something primal, alive and beautiful that speaks to our true connectivity, our passion, our love, our communion with nature and each other. This is the kind of wildness the album is cantered around. The loss of it. Trying to reconnect with it. To remember it”.

He continues: “I think it’s the first record I’ve ever written that I haven’t just asked a bunch of questions. I actually tried to figure out why I was unhappy, why I feel out of place, why I’m afraid. There’s nothing really to protect myself for – it’s all in the album. I want to remember. I think the album is defined by memory in a lot of ways, including my father’s loss of memory”.

“Seamus Heaney, my favourite poet of all time, said at 71 that he was only discovering what some of his poetry means, and this is coming from a Nobel Prize-winning poet”, he concludes. “It’s a great testament to inspiration. Sometimes it takes you five years to write the thing. Like now. And you know for sure when you finish an album like that, where you’ve poured over every detail and put every atom of yourself into it, everything makes sense and I bet you I’m never not proud of this record”.

I’d imagine you’re keen to hear a new song now. Will an album trailer do? Well, here’s one anyway: