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Snow Patrol behind most played record of the 21st Century, so far

By | Published on Wednesday 17 July 2019

Snow Patrol

Most played record in the UK so far this century? Snow Patrol’s ‘Chasing Cars’ of course! And if you find that depressing, wait until you find out that ‘I Gotta Feeling’ by Black Eyed Peas was the second most played track on telly, radio and in public spaces that play music.

Makes you wonder whether the impending collapse of this United Kingdom into a messy miscellany of warring tribes and fragile regional states isn’t such a bad thing after all. Only joking! We all love Snow Patrol round here. Love em. In fact, we’re planning on making ‘Chasing Cars’ the national anthem of the Democratic Republic Of Hackney Marsh once the big battle of the British bullshitters is finally over. Can’t wait.

“‘Chasing Cars’ is a song that has become a popular anthem, securing huge success across radio, in public and especially TV where its huge appeal has led to its use in many programmes and especially ‘Grey’s Anatomy'”, says PPL boss Peter Leathem.

He’s chipping in at this point because the enduring appeal of ‘Chasing Cars’ has been confirmed by PPL as it celebrates its 85th birthday, with the Snow Patrol track’s most played status based on all the counting done by the UK’s record industry collecting society.

Some big syncs, adds Leathem, “can dramatically extend the life of a record beyond its initial release, and PPL is here to collect the royalties owed to the performers and recording rightsholders of that song, whenever and wherever it is used. We congratulate Snow Patrol for writing and performing a track of such long-lasting appeal”.

As do we all. I look forward to singing it every morning as we gather en masse for the daily bombing of the Heathen Principality Of Harringay.