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Some Blunt tweets

By | Published on Friday 25 October 2013

James Blunt

And finally, to celebrate the release of James Blunt’s brand new album this week (you’re all excited, right?) let’s just pause to remember that, whatever you think of the man’s insipid shit music/marvellous moments of musical magic (delete as applicable), he’s become an undeniable king of the Twitter put-down.

Amongst the tweets Blunt has recently retweeted with response are…

@lizziea1: I want to kick James Blunt… repeatedly… I dont know why
@jamesblunt: Easy spelling mistake as K and L are right beside each other.

@blackeyelined: Who is a bigger twat: James Blunt or Robin Thicke?
@jamesblunt: Me! Me! Pick me!

@MigsterMMA: Jesus christ, James Blunt’s got a new album out. Is there anything else that can go wrong?
@jamesblunt: Yes. He could start tweeting you.

@RobMakin: James Blunt’s back with a new single! This may be the worst thing that’s happened in my life.
@jamesblunt: Good sense of perspective there.

@AtaraMcBooth: Who the fuck is cheering for fucking James Blunt.
@jamesblunt: My mum’s in the audience.

@nattikate: Really annoyed at myself for liking the new James Blunt song cos I really don’t like him!
@jamesblunt: Massive compliment! I think.

@laurenlyall: Why does James Blunt sing like his willy is being stood on?
@jamesblunt: Damn thing’s always getting caught under my feet.