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Sony/ATV expands deal with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker

By | Published on Tuesday 3 March 2020

Damian Trotter, Kevin Parker

Sony/ATV has announced that it has expanded its deal with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, just over a decade after he originally signed with the company via its Australian division. The newly extended deal will cover all of his future songs worldwide.

“I am a huge fan of Kevin Parker”, says Sony/ATV CEO Jon Platt, which is a relief. It would have been a bit embarrassing if it turned out Jon hated Kev’s tunes.

“He is an incredible songwriter whose impressive ascent with Tame Impala makes him one of the premier creators and musicians of the past decade”, Platt muses on. “Kevin’s creative and professional relationship with Damian and the passionate team at Sony/ATV Australia has achieved great success, and we are well positioned globally to provide seamless support for this next dynamic phase of Kevin’s career”.

The “Damian” mentioned there is Damian Trotter, Sony/ATV Australia’s MD, who adds: “Having represented Kevin Parker in Australia for more than ten years, I am incredibly proud and excited that Sony/ATV is now extending our publishing agreement with Kevin for the rest of the world. I want to thank Jon Platt for his support, as he has been driving to make this happen from literally his first day on the job”.

He goes on: “Tame Impala is unquestionably one of the most respected, original and exciting bands on the planet and as the sole writer, producer, vocalist and engineer, who also plays every instrument on each of their albums, Kevin Parker is for all intents and purposes, Tame Impala. He is a once in a generation artist and I believe he is only just scratching the surface of his potential”.

But I wonder if Parker himself is also super excited to be extending his relationship with Sony/ATV from Australia to worldwide. “I’m super excited to be re-signing with Sony/ATV and extending my relationship with them from Australia to worldwide”, he says. Phew! Another relief!

“Damian Trotter has become my good friend and someone I can rely on to take good care of my words and melodies”, he adds. “It’s also an honour to now be working with such a legendary figure in music as Jon Platt”.

Last month, Tame Impala released their fourth album ‘The Slow Rush’. Parker has also worked as a producer and songwriter with artists including Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, A$AP Rocky, The Flaming Lips, Mick Jagger and Travis Scott.