Sony Music Unlimited launches in Japan

By | Published on Wednesday 4 July 2012

Sony Music UnLimited

Sony Corp yesterday announced the launch of its Omnifone-powered streaming music service Music Unlimited into its backyard, the Japanese market. It’s the first international streaming music platform to launch in Japan, where licensing such services has been notoriously difficult in the past.

All four majors are on board, with a catalogue of ten million tracks available. As in other markets, including the UK, Music Unlimited will be accessible via a range of Sony devices, as well as via Android and Windows powered smartphones.

Sony Network Entertainment International President Tim Schaaff told reporters: “Bringing the cloud music subscription service to Japan, which is one of the largest music markets in the world, is a key step in the expansion of Music Unlimited”.

In related news, The Next Web has reported that the Sony Music record company in Japan has finally announced it will make its catalogue available to Apple users for download, having previously refused to licence iTunes. However, it seems that a special app will be needed to play the major’s music on Apple gadgets.