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Sony/ATV signs TI

By | Published on Monday 27 October 2014

Sony ATV

Your good mates at Sony/ATV have only gone and done a worldwide long-term deal with that there TI, which includes his share of the publishing rights in ‘Blurred Lines’, in which the mega-publisher already has a stake via its alliance with Pharrell.

But why wouldn’t you want to represent a little bit more of the most successful rape anthem in pop history? After all, there’s big bucks to be made from providing rape apologists with a funky beat over which to spout their misogynistic bilge, and why not share more of those rapey dollars – the majority of which went to Robin Thicke’s business partners Universal – with Team Sony?

TI’s future works, which won’t necessarily all champion rape, are also covered by the deal, which is the sort of arrangement that might make you humble and excited, once you’ve caught your breath after treading through the ‘Blurred Lines’ moral vacuum.

“I am incredibly humbled and excited to be working with TI”, said Sony/ATV’s Shawn Holiday, just a little breathless from the trip. “He’s one of the premiere and most successful artists of this generation. I am thrilled that Sony/ATV will now be part of this exciting new journey”.

TI, meanwhile, used to the vacuum by know, didn’t missed a beat in declaring: “I’m excited about this partnership and am looking forward to the opportunities that will come of this new venture. Sony/ATV is a world renowned entity and I’m honoured to be a part of this family and to be allowed to contribute to its legacy”.