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Sony’s catalogue unit secures bulk of Van Morrison catalogue, reissues aplenty incoming

By | Published on Wednesday 26 August 2015

Van Morrison

Sony Music’s catalogue division Legacy Recordings has got itself control of every Van Morrison album ever, apart from those that pre-date 1971, apart from those he recorded with the band Them.

Which is to say, Legacy has acquired the rights to Morrison’s post-1971 solo output, and recordings by his 1960s band Them, which – while missing a couple of big releases – is nevertheless the “most complete discography of contemporary music legend Van Morrison ever assembled under one label imprint”. So that’s a thing.

But what does that mean for you, exactly? Well, a flurry of compilations, some deluxe Legacy Editions, and a load of Van Morrison tunes hitting the streaming services for the first time this Friday.

And now here’s Legacy Recordings President Adam Block with a quote: “Van Morrison is one of the great singers, performers and musical artists in the history of recorded music”.

True, true. But there’s more. “He continues to touch the hearts and souls of millions with the emotional power and spiritual truths of his songs” adds Block. “Legacy Recordings is proud to partner with Van to help him protect and curate his astounding catalogue and to be given the opportunity to bring his music to whole new generations of fans around the world”.