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SoundCloud claims 100 partners and $1 million payouts for ad scheme

By | Published on Tuesday 3 March 2015


Hey everybody, get your post-it notes at the ready and write this down for a laugh, you all need to stop saying “yeah, but the thing about SoundCloud is that it doesn’t pay the content owners”. Because it just paid out $1 million to content owners. Well, I say “just”. I mean over the last six months. But one million fucking dollars, people! I mean, you could buy 0.005% of Snapchat with that. Or 0.08% of SoundCloud, even.

So yes, six months after launching its On SoundCloud partner programme, which promises to help content creators monetise their output on the popular audio-sharing platform, the digital firm yesterday bragged that it now has 100 such partners and has paid out over $1 million in ad income to them.

Many record labels, of course, remain critical of SoundCloud which, while popular with artists, musical opinion formers and fans, was rather slow in getting any monetisation element off the ground. Warner Music, though, is a partner, and the firm says it is also working direct with some independents, producers and emerging artists on the new ad-selling side of its business. It’s also been working with the multi-channel networks of the YouTube world on distributing and monetising audio content.

After listing a number of specific partnerships struck up under the On SoundCloud banner, the firm said in a blog post yesterday: “What’s coming up? We got started with On SoundCloud in the US, but we’re aiming to begin bringing it to new territories later this year – stay tuned. We’ll also continue to add more Premier Partners as we go. We’re looking forward to the next steps of the On SoundCloud journey – and to having you along for the ride”.