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SoundCloud launches new Pulse app for creators

By | Published on Tuesday 3 November 2015


SoundCloud has announced a new standalone Android app for creators called Pulse.

Separate from the company’s main mobile app, it aims to provide better control for content makers when managing accounts. Key features include the ability to reply to comments, see real-time stats, and share already uploaded sounds both publicly and privately.

SoundCloud Product Manager Jami Welch (and an artist himself, under the name Seams) told CMU: “SoundCloud Pulse is the product of countless feedback sessions from our community, who made a creator-focused app one of the most requested projects from our team”.

He went on: “We’ve heard their call, and this first release will allow artists to monitor their stats, gain valuable feedback, and connect with their audience anytime, anywhere. It reaffirms our commitment to giving creators the tools they need to build and maintain a following online, and we’ll be adding more to the capabilities of SoundCloud Pulse as soon as possible”.