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Spotify adds playlists to bananas

By | Published on Wednesday 29 April 2020

Chiquita Spotify

If you’ve got a Spotify account, you’re probably a regular user of those barcode things they launched three years ago. Just kidding, I’m sure you’ve completely forgotten that they exist. But that’s only because it’s taken until now to find their natural delivery system: Bananas.

Spotify has announced a new partnership with banana company Chiquita to put its QR code-like images onto stickers attached to the fruit. Starting in the US this week, you will be able to scan bananas with your Spotify app to launch one of five Chiquita-inspired playlists as well as five new remixes of the company’s original 1950s advertising jingle.

In addition to those promotional stickers – which will use Chiquita’s usual blue colour – there’s also an extra special ‘golden banana’ sticker, which, when scanned, will give you access to a variety of music-related games and the opportunity to win prizes. Prizes!

Of course, banana stickers being quite small, there’s not really space on there to explain any of this, so this whole promotion relies on people knowing what the scannable codes are and how to scan them. All of which seems like a bit of a stretch. But, hey, someone at Chiquita will have got to talk about music for a bit in a marketing meeting and someone more senior will have been impressed. So that’s nice for them.

Eventually in these situations, enough senior people are impressed that one of them gets to say something about it publicly. So here’s Chiquita President Carlos Lopez Flores: “The Spotify Blue Sticker series is intended to encourage those staying at home to join in a worldwide celebration of cheerful music and connect with playlists designed to get fans up and moving”.

“By tapping into Spotify’s 248 million active monthly users”, he adds, “Chiquita is continuing its mission of highlighting the fun side of healthy living by offering an opportunity to get active and boost fans’ moods during a challenging global situation”.

Sure. Also, in case you were wondering, the press release for all this does indeed use the phrase “go bananas”.