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Spotify and Live Nation make announcements regarding Russian activities following the invasion of Ukraine

By | Published on Thursday 3 March 2022

Ukraine flag

More music companies have confirmed that they are restricting or ending their operations in Russia in opposition to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Spotify has closed its base in Russia indefinitely, while also removing from its platform any podcasts published by the Russian state’s media and news operations RT and Sputnik, and restricting the discoverability of other content owned or operated by Russian state-affiliated media.

However, the streaming service will still be available in Russia, with the company saying that it feels it has a role to play in distributing global news content into the country.

The streaming firm said in a statement: “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Our first priority over the past week has been the safety of our employees and to ensure that Spotify continues to serve as an important source of global and regional news at a time when access to information is more important than ever”.

Meanwhile, live music giant Live Nation has confirmed it will not being promoting shows in Russia – or be doing business with Russian companies – in protest against the war.

It said in a short statement on Twitter: “Live Nation joins the world in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and applauds all the musicians who are using their voices to promote peace. We will not promote shows in Russia. We will not do business with Russia”.