Spotify announces Yahoo tie-up

By | Published on Wednesday 27 June 2012


Spotify has formed a new alliance with Yahoo, that will see the flagging web firm offer streaming music on its website, to US users at least, utilising the Swedish company’s platform. The new deal replaces Yahoo’s previous music partnership with Rhapsody, the web giant – one of the early innovators in streaming music – having long since ditched its own music service.

Although Yahoo’s Lisa Goodwin told the Press Association that the new partnership, unlike the Rhapsody tie-up, won’t require users to navigate away from the Yahoo website to access music, they will need the Spotify player installed on their PCs, because it’s thought Yahoo pages will simply carry the artist-specific play buttons that various other sites already feature, that force the Spotify player to open with a specific playlist ready to play.

Spotify already has play buttons on various other partner websites, of course, though what is interesting about this deal is reports that Yahoo will earn a commission whenever a user that originated with the web firm’s sites signs up to a premium account with the streaming firm, leading some to wonder whether the Swedish company is planning a fuller affiliate scheme.

Yahoo will also launch an app within the Spotify player and provide some artist-specific content.