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Spotify extends its Samsung alliance

By | Published on Monday 11 March 2019


Spotify stepped away on Friday – just for one tiny moment – from on its ongoing fist fight with Warner/Chappell in India and its full-on brawl with the entire music publishing community in the US to step-up its love in with Samsung. I hear Bixby is quite the expert when it comes to taekwondo, so maybe she was teaching Team Spotify some moves.

Spotify announced an alliance with Samsung last August, which made sense given the two companies have a common enemy in Apple. The partnership sees the streaming firm’s app more closely integrate with Samsung’s various devices and its Bixby voice control whatnot.

As the partnership ramps up, Spotify will now be pre-installed on millions of new Samsung mobile devices around the world, while free six month premium subscriptions will come with certain phones in the US. The Spotify experience on Samsung gadgets will also become ever more “frictionless”, we are told in the official blurb. Which is good news, I guess. I mean, with all the friction between the streaming firm and the music publishers in India and America just now, any more friction and things could combust.

“We were very excited to be named Samsung’s go-to music streaming service [last year]”, said Spotify’s VP Of Consumer Products Sten Garmark on Friday. “Today’s news will only ensure a more seamless Spotify listening experience across devices for listeners around the world. This partnership makes it easy for Samsung mobile users to access their favourite music and podcasts on Spotify, wherever they are and however they choose to listen”.

Meanwhile on the Samsung side of the table, VP Marketing for Samsung Electronics America, Patricio Paucar, added: “Our goal is to deliver the best possible mobile experience to our consumers, and Spotify is the ideal music partner to help us make that vision a reality. Whether they’re listening to the latest hit albums or checking out their favourite playlist, we’re giving eligible Galaxy S10 users access to an amazing six-month Spotify Premium offer”.

So now you know. Meanwhile, back to the fist fight and brawling.