Spotify launches new Android app, Soundrop gets funding

By | Published on Wednesday 13 June 2012


Spotify yesterday officially launched a new Android mobile app, which has been available in beta form for several weeks. Available in the Google Play store, the app was entirely rebuilt from scratch, introducing several features that have been part of the iOS app for some time (including scrobbling and high quality streaming), as well as some new ones.

Announcing the new app, Spotify’s VP Products Gustav Södertröm said: “For all our Android users, this Spotify update is a huge leap forward. We’ve rebuilt it from top to bottom, making it faster, slicker and much better looking. The feedback we got from the preview we released a few weeks back was really positive. We wanted to give our users something special – we really hope you like it”.

In other Spotify news, Soundrop, one of the original third party apps made available in the streaming service’s app store when it launched last December, has received $3 million in funding. The cash injection from original Spotify investor Northzone makes it the first third party Spotify app to receive such investment.

One of the more popular Spotify apps, Soundrop allows users to add tracks to a collaborative playlist and vote for which should be fast tracked up the queue. Tracks are then played to all members of a Soundrop ‘room’, where they are provided with chat features so that they can complain that they don’t like what’s playing (or say they like it, I suppose). In May this year, Soundrop says, 60 million tracks were played in 7000 ‘rooms’.