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Spotify Party mixes the tunes so you don’t have to

By | Published on Thursday 17 December 2015


Just in time for two thirds of the way through the Christmas party season, Spotify has announced a new thing called Spotify Party. The new feature offers a collection of playlists professionally mixed by folks like that Diplo.

You can choose music to match the mood of your party using the ‘mood tuner’ and insert music into the play queue without disrupting the flow. Doesn’t it sound like fun? I hope there’s a mood setting for ‘subdued with an undercurrent of repressed anger’.

“When it comes to throwing parties you simply have to have the right playlists – or everyone will leave”, says Diplo. “And while researching and picking out music is fun, it also takes a lot of time and effort. With Spotify Party, you’re served with loads of beat-matched music that transitions perfectly, which you can easily adapt to whatever your current vibe is. Best of all, you don’t have to do any of the legwork”.

Spotify Party is being rolled out to iOS and Android users as we speak. If you haven’t got it yet, here’s a video explaining a bit more: