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Spotify teams up with astrologist for horoscope playlists

By | Published on Friday 18 January 2019


I don’t know about you, but I often look through the playlists Spotify has made for me and then decide not to listen to any of them. Sometimes something super specific to me just isn’t what I’m looking for. But what if the playlist was specific to me, but in a really vague way that made it applicable to pretty much anyone?

Spotify’s on it. The company has teamed up with astrologist Chani Nicholas to create a series of ‘cosmic playlists’ based on the twelve star signs. It might come across like I was being a bit dismissive of horoscopes in that first paragraph – mainly because I was – but the vague and generic nature of these playlists is something Nicholas pretty much admits to in an interview on Spotify’s blog.

“Horoscopes are a very tiny portion of what astrology is”, she says. “Most people conflate the sign that the sun was in when they were born – their sun sign – with their entire astrological makeup. But that sign is only one small piece of the huge mosaic that is your entire chart”.

Then attempting to justify the bullshit nature of horoscopes and all that other astrology nonsense, she goes on: “When a song resonates with you, it might feel really personal, like it’s speaking about your own experience. But it’s also speaking to a huge, broad audience. When there’s something collectively going on where a song resonates for a lot of people, it’s the same way that a horoscope will speak to the archetypal themes of the moment”.

Because “astrology is about a specific moment in time”, it seems all of these playlist will be updated on a monthly basis to reflect what she imagines might be going on in people’s lives based on their star sign. The current Leo playlist is “a celebration of all of the self-expression and personal growth that Leos have undergone for the last couple of years”, for example. So bad luck if you’re a Leo who’s done fuck all recently.

The playlists are currently only officially available in the US, so you can’t see if your musical taste aligns with the month in which you were born anywhere else yet. Although here’s the Capricorn one, which will definitely speak to you if your birthday is today.

In other news, Tinder is now testing allowing users to share 30 second song clips from Spotify so you can attempt to woo your next date or fend off unwanted advances with your musical choices. Which is, at least, slightly better than doing either based on your star signs.