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Spotify to blame for Google Clock alarms not going off

By | Published on Tuesday 7 September 2021


Did you oversleep this morning? Blame Spotify. I mean, you were probably just up too late playing canasta again. You can totally put the blame on Spotify at the moment though. Or Google. Or both. Your choice. You see, Google’s Clock app is currently failing to sound alarms, with the streaming service reportedly the cause of the problem.

Users of the app on Android devices recently have been complaining that their alarms are going off silently. The app allows users to set the audio for their alarms from a number of sources, including various streaming services. The problem of alarms not sounding seems only to affect people trying to wake up to music from Spotify.

The issue seems to have arrived in an update to the app late last month, with one user on Spotify’s support forums saying that it has caused them to “miss many appointments”.

Google itself has now acknowledged the issue, with a rep for the company saying on Reddit: “We’re sorry you’ve been experiencing this issue, and thank you for reporting it. We’ve identified a fix and will roll it out soon. In the meantime, you can change the alarm sound setting to a selection within device sound”.

Spotify has also said that it is working on a solution.

So, it looks like everything will be working soon. But at least for a day or two, you can use this as an excuse for being late for everything.