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Status Quo serenade mince

By | Published on Friday 2 August 2013

Status Quo

Back in June, One Direction announced a partnership with Australian supermarket Coles to give away tickets to their upcoming tour down under. They even recorded a short video message to fans, in which they plugged the store. Oh but boys, boys, boys, you really have nothing on Status Quo.

The Quo have also hooked up with Coles, which has used their hit ‘Down Down’ in its ads a lot in the past, for a new partnership specifically involved in selling minced beef, which includes a new advert that sees the band actually perform a specially altered version of their 1974 hit. The lyrics now proclaim, “Down, down, prices are down”. Seriously.

So that’s something for One Direction to think about in 40 years. Might I suggest the line, “Oh Coles, you slice up the price like nobody else”? Make a note of that. They should probably also study this amazing example of selling out (I’m not sure what else we can call it) here: