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Stephen Malkmus announces electronic album

By | Published on Thursday 24 January 2019

Stephen Malkmus

Stephen Malkmus has announced that he will release his new solo album, ‘Groove Denied’, in March. First single, ‘Viktor Borgia’, is out now.

The new record is a departure from previous works, as is sees Malkmus divert into electronic music. “It’s fun to mess with things that you’re not supposed to”, he says. “The electronic music side of the album, I wanted it to be sonically pre-internet”.

Staying with that thought, he says of the new single: “I was thinking things like Pete Shelley’s ‘Homosapien’, the Human League and DIY synth music circa 1982, and also about how in the new wave 80s, these suburban eighteen-and-over dance clubs were where all the freaks would meet – a sanctuary”.

Watch the video for ‘Viktor Borgia’ here: