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Steve Aoki’s ridiculous tour rider made public

By | Published on Friday 22 June 2012

Steve Aoki

Well, who’dve thought international dance DJ Steve Aoki would be so high maintenance? He is, apparently, if a very authentic-looking tour rider published on his behalf (ie against his will) is to be trusted. Which – since he’s published a retort to it on his official blog – it probably is.

Making for a truly fascinating insight into the lifestyle of a superstar DJ, the rather extravagant rider went public earlier this week, bringing to light such asked-for ‘essentials’ as a three-man rubber dinghy, two bottles of super-expensive Cristal champagne, a director’s chair and “one whole lemon, one twig of ginger and one bottle of organic honey”.

Lest such requests be misinterpreted (Guetta forbid), Aoki offered some much-needed context via an explanatory statement, posting this on his blog: “My rider is now public information and seems to be the talk on my Twitter timeline so I’ll break down some of the more juicier bits of it since people are asking”.

Though denying all knowledge of the director’s chair, the producer went on to address each other point on the rider, saying the lemon, ginger and honey combo was – quite reasonably – “for my throat cuz I tend to lose my voice”.

Okay, fair enough. But the Cristal? Quoth Aoki: “Two bottles of Cristal is definitely a ballin move. Do I need it? No, but if I can get it…sweet!”

Read the hilarious rider and Aoki’s just as hilarious comments on it here.