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Stone Roses miss encore after drummer goes home

By | Published on Wednesday 13 June 2012

The Stone Roses

So, yesterday’s Stone Roses gig in Amsterdam ended with a bit of excitement when drummer Reni disappeared before the encore.

The recently reformed band are playing various gigs and festivals around Europe before their big three night homecoming bash in Manchester’s Heaton Park later this month. Everything seems to have been really rather amicable about this reunion so far – in fact most shows have felt like a bit of a love in between the old band mates – which is no fun at all. And it was perhaps with that in mind that the band’s drummer boycotted the expected encore rendition of ‘I Am The Resurrection’ at last night’s gig, while frontman Ian Brown told to his audience “what can I say, the drummer’s a cunt”.

Various theories have been circulating online as to why Reni left the venue before his band’s encore (as have incorrect reports that the drummer stormed off stage mid-show), with some suggesting there were technical problems with the drum kit, others that there was confusion over whether or not there’d be an encore (and, seemingly, Reni usually makes a quick exit once any gig is over), and more fun theorising that the drums man was mightily pissed off about something or other, and now the entire reunion and upcoming Manchester shows are in jeopardy. Though Louder Than War notes that when initially leaving the stage Reni gave guitarist John Squire a hug, which doesn’t really sound like a bandmate on an angry rampage.

Anyway, whatever, Ian Brown made light of the situation when some fans expressed displeasure at the lack of an encore, telling the audience: “I’m not joking, the drummer’s gone home. Get all your aggro out on me, I can take it. What can I say, the drummer’s a cunt”. I guess we’ll find out if Reni’s premature exit is anything more than a bit of confusion or a temporary bad temper if and when the band arrive on stage for their next booking, at a festival in Sweden tomorrow.