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Stone Roses reunite at impromptu warm up show

By | Published on Thursday 24 May 2012

The Stone Roses

So, you thought the Stones Roses would return to the stage for the first time in over fifteen years at Manchester’s Heaton Park with some mega comeback shows next month didn’t you? But ha, you were wrong, Mr Wrong. The geezers misled you.

Then again, this is the band who said they’d never reform, and that it was outrageous for tabloids to suggest that, by meeting again a Mani’s mum’s funeral, a reunion was now likely, before announcing that, having met up again a Mani’s mum’s funeral the band were now reuniting. Those sneaky scampsters.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon it was suddenly announced that there’d be a free warm up show last night in Warrington of all places (Ian Brown’s from there, see). But unless you were[a] residing somewhere near the Cheshire town and [b] incredibly quick to get down to the box office where wristbands were being distributed (and wave a bit of Stone Roses product to prove you were a real fan and not just some chancer), then you were out in the cold, man. Unless you were one of the group’s celebrity friends. Or one of the loads of locals who seemed to have known about this surprise gig for quite a while. So, not so sneaky after all.

Anyway, it was very fine comeback show by all accounts (alas I wasn’t anywhere near Warrington myself and, while my Mum was, she was too busy making my Dad’s tea to go cheer on the Roses). The hits were trotted out. The evening wasn’t tarnished by any shaky new songs. Ian Brown told off audience members for tweeting and iPhone-filming when they should be “living for the moment” (which they should, so well done Ian). And Reni drummed, despite rumours he was too ill to take part in the reformation. So what a marvellous evening for one and all. And I hear my Dad’s dinner was particularly good last night too.

Anyway, check out John Robb’s live Twitter coverage of the event posted during the gig last night below. I know Ian Brown said no to audience tweeting, but UN rules dictate that John Robb is not bound by Ian Brown directives, so it’s all fine. (Or you could just  read John’s review of the gig for The Guardian, though I don’t know what Ian’s views on conventional gig reviews are).